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Aaron S. Benjamin, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Human Memory and Cognition Lab Director

Contact info:
Phone: 217-333-6822
Email: asbenjam@illinois.edu
827 Psychology Building
630 East Daniel Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Research interests:
Every act of remembering involves more than just memory. Our research interests concern the host of cognitive processes that selectively search, evaluate, interpret, organize, revise, and prioritize memory stores. The goal of our research is to understand memory use in the larger context of skilled performance -- by specifying a minimal set of operations that operate in service of translating experience into memory, and vice-versa, and then exploring the flexibility of how these basic operations are used by the cognitive system as a whole. We believe that the remarkable flexibility of memory owes not to its inherent comprehensiveness nor to a particular wealth of operations that govern the encoding or retrieval of information, but rather to the subtle control processes that operate prior and subsequent to memory access.

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