Note: I use this space to post rememberings shared in class. The purpose of the rememberings is to remind us about the things that matter to us (in the context of this course) and to inspire us to pursue those things. The rememberings will not be tested. They are here in case you would like to have access to them or share them with others.


Purple and Black (by Patricia Williams)

The Purpose of Education (by Sydney J. Harris)

I am NOT Black, You are NOT White ( by Prince Ea)

The Three Goals
(by David Budbill)

Richard Cory
(by Edwin Robinson)

For Women Who are Difficult to Love (by Warsan Shire)

What is real? (from The Velveteen Rabbit)

See Me Beautiful (by Red Grammer)

Masks (by Shel Silverstein)

Empathy (from Funny Face)

The Power of Empathy (animated short by Brene Brown)

The Invitation (by Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

Solitude (by Ella Wheeler Wilcox)