Project 1:
APA style 10
Grammar/structure/flow of paper-10
Theoretical assumptions (includes accuracy, breadth, & specific examples) - 40
Techniques (includes accuracy, breadth, & specific examples) 40

Project 2:
Description of major themes in the literature (includes accuracy, breadth, & depth) - 40
Analytical skills (your comments on gaps and attempt at reconciling contradictions) - 40

Project 3:
Description of treatment approach (includes accuracy, breadth, & specific examples) - 40
Justification of treatment methods based on research outcome studies - 20
Comments on gaps and attempt at reconciling contradictions - 20

Project 4:
Length of therapy session (should be 45 min) -10
Consistent application of a specific theoretical approach (no more than 2) in session - 30
Critique (includes depth of familiarity with the theoretical approach, and a focus on specific micro-interactions on the video, as well as on more global/general issues) - 40

Project 5:
Content (80 points total). For each of the following sections, apply the relevant theoretical approach using specific examples from the character's life. Your examples should demonstrate both accuracy and depth of knowledge of the theory in question. Please note that the purpose of this assignment is to apply theories to a specific case-study. Papers that fail to provide specific examples from the case-study will not receive a passing grade.
Theory 1: etiology - 20
Theory 1: treatment methods - 20
Theory 2: etiology - 20
Theory 2: treatment methods - 20

Project 6:
Presentation quality - 20
Description of relevant issues and perspectives of the debate (includes accuracy, breadth, & specific examples) - 40
Support for each argument (in the form of expert opinion, empirical data, or established theory) - 40