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Welcome!  I am a teaching associate professor in the department of psychology at the University of Illinois. This website is designed to support my teaching, archive my writing, and serve as a resource for those interested in restorative justice. My applied work, like my writing, is broadly focused on conflict and restorative responses to conflict in a variety of different contexts, including schools, organizations, workplaces, and intentional communities. More specifically, I work with these entities to not only develop individual conflict facilitation skills but to create a sustainable infrastructure for responding to conflicts restoratively and evaluating the associated outcomes.

Use the menu at top of page to navigate the site. Book chapters and chapter-length essays about race and justice in popular culture ranging from Harry Potter to superheroes can be found in "Pop Writing". Shorter essays on restorative practices and racial dynamics are in my Psychology Today blog, Between The Lines 

Mikhail Lyubansky, Ph.D.