Essays and Commentary
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I blog and post editorials and news commentaries on several different websites. Much of this writing, like my academic interests, focuses on race relations, immigration, and restorative justice. The links below point to several external websites that host some of my writing. Please note that, because politics are not immune to cultural and racial influences, some of my writing is political. The opinions expressed in my writing are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University of Illinois, the department of psychology, or any group or person other than myself. Finally, the links here are posted for the convenience of those interested in reading my views. Their presence here should in no way imply that they are "required" or even "encouraged" content for students. To the contrary, they are not in any way associated with this or any other course I teach, and I have no way of (or interest in) tracking who does or does not read something. In addition, my posting to these websites does not in any way imply an endorsement of the site nor any other content posted there.

Psychology Today blog: Between The Lines -- Psychological perspectives on race, culture, and community
This is the most complete collection of my writing since Nov. 2009. with over 100 essays.

In addition, I have published articles (some with political content) in a variety of other online publications, including Race-Talk, Buzzflash, Colors, Jewcy, and Alternet, though unfortunately many of these are no longer in operation. A variety of other online sites, including The Huffington Post, Truthout, and OpEdNews, regularly reprint my blogs. The links above will take you to my author page for each publication. On a much more amateurish level, I have also written a handful of psychology limericks.