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Faculty: Dr. Sarah C. Mangelsdorf (smangels@northwestern.edu)
>>Dr. Mangeledorf is now the Dean of Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences in Northwestern University.

Lab Manager: Stevie Schein (familydevelopmentproject08@gmail.com)
>> We celebrate the retirement of former Lab Manager, Kathy Anderson in Summer 2008. We will miss you Kathy, and wish you all the best!

Graduate Students:
Maria Wong (mswong2@illinois.edu)

Allison Jessee (ajessee2@illinois.edu)
Dan Laxman (dlaxman2@illinois.edu)
>>Geoffrey Brown is now a visiting faculty at Clark University.
>>Aya Shigeto is now a faculty member at Nova Southeastern University.
>>Maria Wong will be a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary beginning September 2011.

Research Affiliate: Dr. Cindy Neff (cneff@cyrus.psych.uiuc.edu)

Past Graduate Students:
Geoffrey Brown, Jean Agathen, Jean McHale,
Marissa Diener, Cynthia Frosch, Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, Margaret Szewczyk Sokolowksi, Henriette Warren

Partial List of Honor Students and Undergraduate Research Assistants who has worked or are currently working with us:
Danielle Addante, Lorena Aguilera, Megan Baldassarre, Jenna Bates, Taylor Benson, Amanda Berg, Amy Boss, Sarah Dalton, Lauren Delahanty, Lidija Elezovic, Michelle Farag, Andrea Gavidia, Maggie Jones, Sabrina Kaiser, Allison Kosatka, Miranda Kindred, Natalie Krein, Kady Leibovitz, Ji Hyun Lee, Maria Marinkova, Natalie Mazur, Carrie McIlwain, Rosie Mesick, Beth Mullins, Keely Murphy, Yoojin Park, Angela Petricca, Angela Perkins, Whitney Rossmiller, Melissa Sheilds, Garrett Sidor, Kirsten Thomas, Jenni Tribble, Jiwon, Yoo.

Ambassador of Early Emotion Lab:
Jin Yang, son of our graduate student Aya Shigeto




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