Child & Family Psychopathology (last taught in Spring 2002)

Course Description

This seminar provides students with the opportunity for in?depth study of the nature, causes, and treatment of child and adolescent mental disorders, including ADHD, conduct disorder, autism, and emotional disorders.  Primary materials (e.g., journal articles), as well as videos, lectures, case?studies, and student presentations will be used to explore critical issues and controversies in this field.  In general, Tuesdays will consist of some kind of presentation by either the instructor (e.g., lecture, video) or a group of students, while Thursdays will comprise of questions and discussion that arises from the students’ contributions.  Please note that, if you are a person who is uncomfortable with ambiguity, learns best in highly structured contexts, and believes that your learning is best evaluated by in-class examinations — this particular seminar may not be the best option of meeting your educational needs