Simple Email Application for Psych 290 in the Language Acquisition Lab

Just copy these questions into your email message, answer the questions, and send it to us at To ensure we receive your application please use the subject line PSYC 290 Application [semester] [year] [your name] with the bracketed areas replaced with your information. Thanks!

If you're interested in joining the Language Acquisition Lab group, please give us the following information:


Phone #:

E-mail address:



Year in school:

What semester is this application for? (e.g., summer, fall...)

Any previous research experience? (give semester, and faculty advisor's name)

Please give names and numbers for two references (academic or professional references).

How experienced are you in working with computers (Macs, PCs?), using software like Excel?

Describe your experience with children, if any:

Any previous coursework in Cognitive Psychology, Linguistics, Speech and Hearing Science, or Developmental Psychology?  (give names of classes, not just numbers)

What interests you in this 290? (E.g., do you plan to go to grad school in some related field?)

Schedule info: During a regular semester, new students sign up for 3 credit hours, and put in 9 hours per week in the lab (3 3-hour lab shifts). The lab operates in 3-hour shifts: 9-12, 12:30-3:30, 3:30-6:30. The lab is open Mondays through Fridays except Friday afternoon. Please indicate ALL of these three-hour shifts (e.g., 9-12 Tuesday morning ...) for which you would be available. You can star your favorite choices, but we need people to be flexible if the schedule is going to work out.