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Research Opportunities for UIUC Undergraduates

We always welcome applications for new undergraduate assistants in the Language Acquisition Lab for the Fall and Spring semesters and Summer Session II. Getting involved in research is great preparation for students interested in attending graduate school.

Currently, we have a full roster for Spring 2018! However, we are still happy to consider any applications, and you are welcome to submit applications for the upcoming summer and fall. We will begin recruiting for these spots in early April.

Students can learn about and participate in many aspects of research in language acquisition, including any of the following:

  • helping to design materials for experiments
  • testing toddlers, preschoolers, and adults in experiments
  • transcription and coding of children's speech
  • coding visual fixations from videotapes
  • acoustic analyses of speech

We need reliable, energetic students with an interest in language and speech. Previous experience with children and prior coursework in cognitive psychology, speech & hearing, or linguistics are very helpful.

If you are interested in language and in children, and have room in your schedule for a Psych 290, please contact us. Please copy this application into an email message and send it to us at To ensure we receive your application please use the subject line PSYC 290 Application [semester] [year] [your name] with the bracketed areas replaced with your information.