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Members of the Diener's Lab


Former Graduate Students and Post-docs:

  • Randy J. Larsen - Washington University, St. Louis (link to website)
    Emotion, the physiology of emotion, rhythms personality traits and emotion, evolution
  • Robert A. Emmons - University of California at Davis (link to website)
    Goals, religion and well-being
  • Richard Lucas - Michigan State University (link to website)
    Personality traits and subjective well-being, extraversion
  • William Pavot - Southwest Minnesota State University
    Measuring subjective well-being, traits and well-being, discrepancies and well-being
  • Frank Fujita - University of Indiana at South Bend (link to website)
    Social comparison and well-being
  • Shige Oishi - University of Virginia (link to website)
    Norms and values and subjective well-being
  • Richard Smith - University of Kentucky (link to website)
    Envy and jealousy, social comparison
  • Ed Sandvik - Seattle, WA
    Analysis of large data sets
  • Ulrich Schimmack - University of Toronto at Mississauga (link to website)
    Emotion and mood; memory for emotional episodes
  • Heidi Smith - United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
    Measurement issues related to self-deception and social desirability
  • Eunkook "Mark" Suh - Yonsei University (South Korea) (link to website)
    Culture and well-being
  • Alexander Grob - University of Basil (Switzerland) (link to website)
  • Michael Eid - Free University of Berlin (Germany) (link to website)
    Personality and psychometrics
  • Hongfei Yang - Zhejiang University (People's Republic of China)
    Cultural approaches to goal striving
  • Do-Yeong Kim - Ajou University (South Korea)
    Subjective well-being and implicit social cognition; Culture and Implicit Psychological Acculturation
  • Christie Napa Scollon - Singapore Management University (link to website)
    Judgements of well-being; momentary experience sampling
  • Maya Tamir - Boston College (link to website)
    Emotion and personality
  • Derrick Wirtz - Northern Arizona University (link to website)
    Peak/End effects on judgements of well-being; processes affecting life satisfaction judgments
  • Emily Solberg - Valtera Corporation
    Materialism and subjective well-being, extraversion
  • Chu Kim-Prieto - The College of New Jersey (link to website)
    Subjective well-being and culture
  • Weiting Ng - Singapore Institute of Management
    Personality, culture, and emotion
  • William Tov - Singapore Management University (link to website)
    Moral judgments and their relation to well-being
  • Pelin Kesebir - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    Philosophy and well-being
  • Louis Tay - Purdue University
    Subjective well-being, research methods
  • Rong Su - Assistant professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University
    Vocational interests, personality, person-environment fit, gender and careers
  • Yuchen Lin - Ph.D Student, Department of Psychological Sciences, Duckworth Lab, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ruotian Wang - Undergraduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Current Assistant:


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