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Popular Media Articles Referencing Ed Diener's Research

Below are references to some media articles referencing Ed Diener's research:


Live Happy Magazine, "Happiness Revolution," (by John David Mann), October, 2013


Illinois Alumni Magazine, "Five Propositions About Happiness," (by Mary Timmins), December, 2009.


The Wall Street Journal, "Happy Talk," (by Steve Salerno), October, 2008.


The Chicago Tribune, "Experts Try to Unlock the Mysteries of Happiness," (by Bonnie Miller Rubin and Jeremy Manier), October, 2008.


Newsweek, "Happiness: Enough Already:The push for ever-greater well-being is facing a backlash, fueled by research on the value of sadness." (by Sharon Begley), Feburary, 2008.


Worth, "Positive yields," March, 2005, Volume 14, Issue 3, pages 42-45.


New Scientist, "Review: Happiness by Ed Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener" (by Michael Bond), September, 2008.


Time Magazine, "The New Science of Happiness," (by Claudio Wallis), January 17, 2005.


Reader's Digest, "Dr. Happy," (by John H. Richardson), November, 2002, Volume 161, No. 967, pages 94-99.


American Way, "Don't worry, be very happy," (by Jim Shohin), June 01, 2002, page 54.


Esquire, "Whee! A special report from the happiness project," June, 2002, Volume 137, Issue 6, pages 82-85, 130.


New Scientist, "Cheer leader" (by Micheal Bond), August, 2001


Scientific American, "The pursuit of happiness," (by David G. Myers & Ed Diener), May, 1996, Volume 274, Number 5, pages 70-73.


Self, "The science of happiness," (by Stephen Fried), May, 1995, pages 148-151; 189.



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