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Diener, E. (1984). Subjective well-being. Psychological Bulletin, 95, 542-575.

  • Classic seminal reviews article on the field of well-being

Diener, E., & Chan, M. (2011). Happy people live longer: Subjective well-being contrinutes to health and longevity. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, 3, 1-43.

  • Reviews evidence that subjective well-being contributes to health and longevity

Diener, E., Emmons, R. A., Larsen, R. J. & Griffin, S. (1985). The Satisfaction with Life Scale. Journal of Personality Assessment, 49, 71-75

  • Reports the development and validation of a scale to assess global life satisfaction

Diener, E., Inglehart, R., & Tay, L. (2012). The validity of life satisfaction measures.Social Indicators Research, in press.

  • Reviews the reliability, validity, and sensitivity to change of life satisfaction measures

Diener, E., Lucas, R. E., & Scollon, C. (2006). Beyond the hedonic treadmill: Revising the adaptation theory of well-being. American Psychologist, 61, 305-314.

  • Reviews empirical work outlining the need for important revisions to the hedonic treadmill model

Diener, E., & Seligman, M. E. P. (2004). Beyond money: Toward an economy of well-being. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 5, 1-31.

  • Argues for national account of well-being to compliment economic measures of societal progress

Diener, E., Suh, E. M., Lucas, R. E., & Smith, H. L. (1999). Subjective well-being: Three decades of progress. Psychological Bulletin, 125, 276-302.

  • Reviews first decades of well-being research

Kesebir, P., & Diener, E. (2008). In pursuit of happiness: Empirical answers to philosophical questions. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 3, 117-125

  • Reviews findings where researchers have answered classical philosophical questions

Lyubomirsky, S., King, L., & Diener, E. (2005). The benefits of frequent positive affect: Does happiness lead to success? Psychological Bulletin, 131, 803-855.

  • Reviews research showing the beneficial outcome of "happiness"

Pavot, W., & Diener, E. (1993). Review of the Satisfaction with Life Scale. Social Indicators Research, 39, 101-117.

  • Reviews the stability and validity of the Satisfaction with Life Scale

Tov, W., & Diener, E. (2007). Culture and Subjective Well-Being. In S. Kitayama & D. Cohen (Eds.), Handbook of cultural psychology. (691-713). New York: Guilfod.

  • Review of cultural effects on well-being


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